Excerpts from an exclusive interview given to RFI on 14 April by Mr Emmanuel macron, President of the French Republic.

Excerpts from an exclusive interview given to RFI on 14 April by Mr (...)

The French abroad. There are non-residents, tourists and visitors, and then there are residents and expatriates. Many live in anguish. What do you tell them today?

France protects all its children. And so in the countries where you are, you have to follow the strictest rules of confinement, be in touch with the embassy, the consulate. If there’s the slightest suspicion, be in touch with the health services, with a protocol that is drawn up by the Quai [d’Orsay] in conjunction with each embassy, which makes it possible to protect in an ideal way, of course, given the constraints in the place of residence, but also with medical evacuations for the most critical cases, when they exist.
I would like to add just one more point: we are working on a policy of support for certain situations and also for some of our nationals who are in difficulty, precisely because of the closures of certain economies, so that there is also economic and social support for some of our nationals, because I think that this is an indispensable response. In the next few days, therefore, together with the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, we will finalise a response in support of this issue.

And if the three million or so French people living abroad start wanting to return one day, how will you manage such a rush?

There’s planning that’s being done at the Quai d’Orsay. I don’t think we’ll ever be in the situation where there are French men and women everywhere, from all over the world, who would be led to return. But we must prepare ourselves, first and foremost, to manage, in the countries, with our nationals, situations that would become more complicated. And so that is the priority. Secondly, we must be prepared to repatriate, if need be, but only in a crisis situation, and with discernment.

With plans in coordination with the Ministry of Defence?

Exactly, sir.

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