Fourth Paris Peace Forum

Every year since 2018, the Paris Peace Forum has brought together Heads of State, representatives of international organizations and international civil society, ministers, business leaders and key figures committed to peace. In Paris, or remotely through an interactive platform, from 11 to 13 November 2021, they will work to find solutions to overcome the social divisions exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis, and to launch an inclusive and supportive economic recovery.

Vice President of the United Kamala Harris will be the guest of honour for this fourth edition.

The Paris Peace Forum contributes to the momentum launched by the French President who reaffirmed the importance of multilateralism in 2018.
Collective action, which is carried out in five areas, should tackle the current global challenges:

  • Objectives: encouraging international cooperation and collective action for a peaceful world;
  • Approaches: presentations, discussions and progress on innovative, real-world solutions;
  • Ambitions: enhancing, rethinking or creating new rules, standards and best practices.

Reducing social division and preparing the post-COVID-19 recovery

The Forum programme is designed to enable open dialogue. The discussions and exchanges, in Paris or via the interactive platform, will be organized based on the following priorities:

  • strengthen global governance systems in the field of health;
  • reaffirm the commitments made to protect the global commons;
  • reduce the North-South solidarity deficit which endangers the joint resolution of global problems;
  • reduce the social division between the elites and the general public and work for more inclusion.

Consult the programme on the Paris Peace Forum website

Take part in the fourth Paris Peace Forum via the interactive platform

80 projects selected for 2021

Each year, projects proposing tangible solutions to global challenges are presented and supported in the Space for Solutions at the Forum. The Call for Projects was opened in March 2021 and received hundreds of proposals from all types of stakeholders including NGOs, companies, international organizations, States and local governments.

In 2021, the Paris Peace Forum will continue to put the global South at the heart of its actions by supporting nearly 30 projects targeting Africa, South America, South Asia and the Middle East. Some 60% of the projects chosen by the Selection Committee are implemented on several continents simultaneously.

They address several topics:

  • gender equality;
  • global governance in health;
  • the protection of common spaces such as oceans, climate, space and biodiversity;
  • the fight against fake news and threats to the press;
  • the fight against the crisis engendered by the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • the protection of civic space in the COVID-19 era;
  • the reform of capitalism through the impact economy;
  • the strengthening of South-South cooperation;
  • governance of the digital environment.

Discover the 2021 Selected Projects

Last updated on: 27 December 2021