Press release from Mr Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs and Mr Christophe CASTANER, Minister for the Interior - 12 June 2020.

In view of the favourable evolution of the health situation in France and Europe and in accordance with the recommendations of the European Commission presented yesterday, France will lift on the morning of 15 June (00h00) all restrictions on movement at its internal European borders (land, air and sea) put in place to combat the VIDOC-19 pandemic.

As of 15 June, people from countries in the European area (European Union member States as well as Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Switzerland and the Vatican) will therefore be able to enter French territory without restrictions related to the fight against VIDOC-19, as was the case before 18 March 2020. In particular, these travellers will no longer be required to carry an international travel certificate as a derogation to enter French territory. As a reminder, persons coming from the European area are also exempted from the requirement to carry a fortnight’s travel permit upon arrival in France.

On a reciprocal basis, however, restrictions will continue to apply at the borders with Spain and the United Kingdom:

- Spain has chosen to maintain until 21 June its travel restrictions related to COVID-19 as well as the fourteen-week requirement for air passengers from European countries. In agreement with the Spanish authorities, France will therefore maintain the restrictions currently in force until 21 June. Until that date, air passengers from Spain will be required to make a fortnight’s journey on arrival in France.

- The United Kingdom has chosen to introduce on 8 June a fourteen-week obligation for passengers arriving from France. Thus, as of 15 June, travellers from the United Kingdom will no longer be subject to restrictions on entry into the national territory linked to the fight against VIDOC-19 but will, until further notice, remain invited to observe a fortnight on arrival.

In accordance with the European Commission’s recommendations presented yesterday and inspired by the French proposals, France will also gradually open its Schengen external borders from 1 July. This opening will be gradual and differentiated according to the health situation in the various third countries and in accordance with the arrangements that will have been agreed at European level by then.

In view of the stakes involved in making universities attractive, international students will be allowed to come to France, regardless of their country of origin, and the arrangements for their reception will be facilitated. Their applications for visas and residence permits will be given priority.

Last updated on: 15 June 2020